13. At the instance of church bishops, what still further law was secured under Theodosius the Younger, in 425?


"In the year 425, the exhibition of spectacles on Sunday and on the principal feast-days of the Christians
was forbidden, in order that the devotion of the faithful might be free from all disturbance."-Id., pages 300,

Through what instrumentality is conversion wrought?
14. What did He say of those who should break one of God's commandments, or should teach men to do so?
And how may we know that we love the brethren?
What are the wages of sin?
What were these stones to commemorate?
In what was shown the first tangible evidence of this \"falling away\" from the truth of God?
4. What, according to the prophecy of Daniel, was to befall the people of God down through the ages?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle