15. When God sent the Ninevites a warning message, how did they show their repentance, and what was the result?


"And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil that He had
said that He would do unto them; and He did it not." Jonah 3: 10.

For what purpose was Christ manifested?
How are His mercies continually manifested?
With what sins are rebellion and stubbornness classed?
16. What inquiry on the part of Daniel shows that the fourth beast, and especially the little horn phase of it, constitutes the leading feature of this vision?
What was the Lord's covenant which they were to keep as their part of this covenant?
3. According to the prophecy, how long was the power represented by the little horn, or papal Rome, to persecute the saints?
How does Satan deceive the people?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle