20. When and by what church council was the observance of the seventh day forbidden, and Sunday observance enjoined ?


"The seventh-day Sabbath was . . . solemnized by Christ, the apostles, and primitive Christians, till the
Laodicean Council did, in a manner, quite abolish the observation of it. . . . The Council of Laodicea [AD.
364] . . . first settled the observation of the Lord's day."-Prynne's "Dissertation on the Lord's Day Sabbath,"
page 163.

3. From whose words did Christ say the disciples ought to have learned of His death and resurrection?
How, according to prophecy, was Christ to conduct Himself when on trial?
What does this angel say?
What will happen if a child is not properly instructed?
What assurance has God given of the judgment?
Following the signs of His coming, what did Christ say would take place?
In what language is the same truth again expressed?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle