24. What psalms seem to have been written especially for the comfort and encouragement of God's people during the time of the seven last plagues?


Psalms 91 and 46. See also Isa. 33: 13-17.
THE great decisive day is at hand!
The day when Christ will come,
To call His children home
And to seal the sinner's doom, Is at hand.
Where will the sinner hide in that day?
It will be in vain to call,
"You mountains, on us fall,"
For His hand will find out all In that day.

What is declared to be one purpose of Christ's death?
How did Christ treat His Father's commandments?
Why was the ceremonial law taken away?
That there might be no misunderstanding, what did Moses do?
What will this prophet do when he comes?
By what name are the members of this family called?
How does God regard the afflicted?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle