Do Protestant writers acknowledge the same?


They do.
NOTE - "IS there no express commandment for observing the first day of the week as Sabbath,
instead of the seventh day?-None whatever. Neither Christ, nor His apostles, nor the first Christians
celebrated the first day of the week instead of the seventh as the Sabbath."-New York Weekly Tribune,
May 24, 1900.
"The Scriptures nowhere call the first day of the week the Sabbath. . . . There is no Scriptural
authority for so doing, nor of course any Scriptural obligation." The Watchman (Baptist).
"The observance of the first instead of the seventh day rests on the testimony of the church, and
the church alone.' -- Hobart Church News, July 2, 1894.
For additional testimonies, see reading on page 146.

How did He further explain the new birth?
What Christian ordinance has been given as a memorial of Christ's burial and resurrection?
8. By what command did the king repudiate the religion taught in Babylon by Daniel and others who feared God?
What is the meaning of the word \"Sabbath\"?
How did the Israelites in the wilderness on the sixth day prepare for the Sabbath?
12. Are men's hearts now \"failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth\"?
What part will the angels have in this event?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle