For what reason is worship justly due to God?


"For the Lord is a great God, and a great King above all gods. . . . The sea is His, and He made it: and His
hands formed the dry land. 0 come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our Maker."
Ps. 95: 3-6.

How completely does God wish to separate sin from us?
How highly does God regard obedience?
What portion of the 2300 days (years) mentioned in the vision, was allotted to the Jews?
Just before the fall of Babylon, what did her king do?
For what did Christ reprove the Pharisees?
When did Paul say Christ would judge the living and the dead ?
How perfect does Christ tell us to be?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle