How does the Sunday law of Charles 11, of 1676, read?


"For the better observation and keeping holy the Lord's day, commonly called Sunday: be it enacted . . .
that all the laws enacted and in force concerning the observation of the day, and repairing to the church
thereon, be carefully put in execution; and that all and every person and persons whatsoever shall upon
every Lord's day apply themselves to the observation of the same, by exercising themselves thereon in the
duties of piety and true religion, publicly and privately. "-"Revised Statutes of England from AD. 12351685" (London, 18710), pages 779, 780; cited in "A Critical History of Sunday Legislation," by A. H.
Lewis, D.D., pages 108, 109.

What takes place when one is converted to Christ?
Under what condition is the written law good?
What did they have in the law?
Of what was this memorial to he a sign?
Have we reached the time when there is \"distress of nations, with perplexity\"?
What will this prophet do when he comes?
Are they interested in the conversion of men?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle