How fully did Israel once acknowledge their wrong doing ?


"And all the people said unto Samuel, Pray for thy servants unto the Lord thy God, that we die not: for we
have added unto all our sins this evil, to ask us a king." 1 Sam. 12: 19.

5. What further statement of Christ seems to lay the responsibility for the origin of sin upon Satan and his angels?
How does the Spirit witness to our acceptance with God?
What classes of persons are necessarily shut out of the kingdom of God?
3. Before the giving of the law at Sinai, what did Moses say when Jethro asked him concerning his judging the people?
Whom does Christ say He came to call to repentance?
16. After the sealing work brought to view in Revelation 7, which takes place under the sixth seal, how is the seventh seal introduced?
What does the Apostle Peter say concerning the trials through which every believer must pass?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle