How long will the Word of God endure?


"The grass withers, the flower fades: but the Word of our God shall stand for ever." Isa. 40: 8.
"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away." Matt. 24:35.
0 Word of God Incarnate
0 Word of God incarnate,
0 Wisdom from on high,
0 Truth unchanged, unchanging,
0 Light of our dark sky !
We praise Thee for the radiance
That from the hallowed page,
A lamp to guide our footsteps,
Shines on from age to age.
The church from her dear Master
Received the gift divine,
And still that light she lifteth
O'er all the earth to shine.
It is the golden casket
Where gems of truth are stored;
It is the heaven drawn picture
Of Christ the living Word.
It floateth like a banner
Before God's hosts unfurled,
It shineth like a beacon
Above the stormy world;
It is the chart and compass
That o'er life's raging sea,
'Mid mists and rocks and quick sands,
Still guides, 0 Christ, to Thee !
0 make Thy church, dear Saviour,
A lamp of burnished gold,
To bear before the nations
Thy true light as of old;
0 teach Thy wandering pilgrims
By this their path to trace,
Till, clouds and darkness ended,
They see Thee face to face.
-William How.

3. By what comparison is it indicated that some portions of God's Word are more difficult to understand than others?
In what words is His impartiality proclaimed?
From whom does faith come?
Through what instrumentality is conversion wrought?
What is to endure throughout all generations?
What is the gospel to everyone that believes?
Why will this city have no need of the sun or moon?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle