In what was shown the first tangible evidence of this "falling away" from the truth of God?


The adoption of heathen rites and customs in the church.
NOTE-"The bishops augmented the number of religious rites in the Christian worship, by way of
accommodation to the infirmities and prejudices, both of Jews and heathen, in order to facilitate their
conversion to Christianity. . . . For this purpose, they gave the name of mysteries to the institutions of the
gospel, and decorated particularly the holy sacrament with that solemn title. They used in that sacred
institution, as also in that of baptism, several of the terms employed in the heathen mysteries, and
proceeded so far, at length, as even to adopt some of the rites and of the ceremonies of which those
renowned mysteries consisted."-Mosheim's "Ecclesiastical History" (Maclaine's translation), cent. 2, part 2,
chap. 4, pars. 2-5.

Does faith set aside the law of God?
6. Under the influence of her tender care and faithful instruction, what is said of the child life of Jesus?
What is the last book of the Bible called?
How is the true God distinguished from all false gods?
For what purpose are we to remember the Sabbath day?
What is it that makes a thing holy?
Of whom does the Bible teach that God is a rewarder?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle