Is there any evidence that such an image will be made?


Large and influential organizations, such as the National Reform Association, the International Reform
Bureau, the Lord's Day Alliance of the United States, and the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in
America, have been formed, by professed Protestants, and for years have been persistently working to that
end. Many Roman Catholic societies recently formed in the United States, such as the Knights of
Columbus and the American Federation of Catholic Societies, are looking to a like end-that of making
America Catholic.

What other book of the Bible is especially commended for our study?
What is sin declared to be?
In what way are both Jews and Gentiles to be justified?
What kind of teaching have men substituted for the words which are spirit and life?
How was the flood stayed, and Satan's -design defeated?
For what purpose did Christ say He would come again?
What fate awaits those who turn a deaf ear to the poor?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle