Notwithstanding the lamb like appearance of this power, what is it ultimately to do?


"And he spoke as a dragon." Rev. 13: 11.
NOTE - The voice of the dragon is the voice of intolerance and persecution. This indicates that
the ecclesiastical development dealt with in this prophecy, obtaining a foothold for its initial power and
influence in the government of the United States, will repudiate the mild and lamb like principles of civil
and religious liberty, and become like the beast before it, a world-wide persecuting power. This is why in
Rev. 19: 20 it is called "the false prophet." Born of the Reformation, it will repudiate Reformation

What may be perceived through the things that are made?
To whom is our worship justly due?
8. How did Christ show from the Scriptures that the promised Saviour of the world must be both human and divine?
What exhortation is based on the fact that God has forgiven us?
What is the only way sinners may he justified, or made righteous?
What question was asked in the hearing of the prophet?
When and by whom was the Sabbath made?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle