Seeking a fair remuneration, what do many laborers do?


Form labor unions, engage in strikes, boycotts, etc.
NOTE - While these means may hold matters in check for a time, and afford temporary relief,
they cannot eradicate the evil, and bring about a final solution. The evil is deep-seated; it lies in the heart;
and nothing but conversion-a change of the heart and of the affections---can eradicate it. It is the sin of
selfishness, or covetousness-a failure to love one's neighbor as oneself. The conflict between capital and
labor is an inevitable and an irrepressible conflict as long as sin and selfishness are in the world. And near
the end it becomes the most acute and intense, because then sin comes to the full.

Does faith set aside the law of God?
What admission did they secure from Him as the basis of condemning Him?
What, according to prophecy, was to be Christ's attitude toward the law?
What did Charlemagne's Sunday law of 800 require?
What change is made in Satan's condition at the close of the one thousand years?
7. Near the close of the three and one-half years drought in Israel, brought about as a judgment did King Ahab bring against Elijah?
If an answer does not come at once, what should we do?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle