Then by whom was the Sabbath made?


By Christ.
NOTE - This conclusion is inevitable. If all things were made by Christ, and without Him was not
anything made that was made, and the Sabbath was one of the things that was made, then it follows that the
Sabbath must have been made by Christ. This being so, the Sabbath must be the Lord's day.

To whom is our worship justly due?
What restriction did God make respecting marriages in Israel?
When used with reference to prophecy, what does the word fulfil mean?
How much honor is due to Christ?
Why was woe at this same time proclaimed to the world?
18. What does the prophet say the two -horned -beast power will attempt to enforce upon all the people?
From whom do all good and perfect gifts come?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle