What, according to its constitution, is the avowed object of the National Reform Association?


"To secure such an amendment to the Constitution of the United States as shall . . . indicate that this is a
Christian nation, and place all the Christian laws, institutions, and usages of the government on an
undeniable legal basis in the fundamental law of the land."-Article II of Constitution.
NOTES - Upon the question of making America a "Christian nation," Bishop Earl Cranston, D.D.,
of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in an address delivered in Foundry Methodist Episcopal Church,
Washington, D.C., March 13, 1910, made the following observation:"Suppose this were to he declared a Christian nation by a Constitutional interpretation to that
effect. What would that mean? Which of the two contending definitions of Christianity would the word
Christian indicate?-The Protestant idea, of course, for under our system majorities rule, and the majority of
Americans are Protestants. Very well. But suppose that by the addition of certain contiguous territory with
twelve or more millions of Roman Catholics, the annexation of a few more islands with half as many more,
and the same rate of immigration as now, the majority some years hence should be Roman Catholics-who
doubts for a moment that the reigning Pope would assume control of legislation and government? He
would say, with all confidence and consistency, 'This is a Christian nation. It was so claimed from the
beginning and so declared many years ago. A majority defined then what Christianity was, the majority
will define now what Christianity now is and is to be.' That 'majority' would be the Pope.' - "The Church
and the Government," Page 7.
The National Reformers in their attempts to justify the legal establishment of Christianity as the
national religion, have erroneously declared that the statement of Justice Brewer of the Supreme Court of
the United States in 1892, "This is a Christian nation," is a decision of the court, whereas it was only a
statement in the argument leading up to the decision of the court.
In a sermon at the centenary of the establishment of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in the United
States, in 1889, Archbishop Ireland said: "Our work is to make America Catholic. . . . Our cry shall be,
'God wills it,' and our hearts shall leap with crusader enthusiasm."
The theory of the National Reformers is thus expressed: "Every government by equitable laws, is
a government of God; a republic thus governed is of Him, and is as truly and really a theocracy as the
commonwealth of Israel." --- 'Cincinnati National Reform Convention," page 28.

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Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle