What besides creation were Israel to remember when they kept the Sabbath?


"And remember that thou was a servant in the land of Egypt, and that the Lord thy God brought thee out
thence through a mighty hand and by a stretched-out arm: therefore the Lord thy God commanded thee to
keep the Sabbath day." Deut. 5: 15.
NOTE-There is a deep significance to this scripture not apparent to those unacquainted with the
facts. In Egypt, through oppression and idolatrous surroundings, the keeping of the Sabbath had become
not only almost obsolete, but well-nigh impossible. See reading on "Reasons for Sabbath -Keeping," pages
116, 117, under questions 9 and 10. Their deliverance from bondage was in order that they might keep
God's law (Ps. 105: 43-45), and particularly the Sabbath, the great seal, sign, and memorial-institution of
the law. The recollection of their bondage and oppressed condition in Egypt was to be an additional
incentive for keeping the Sabbath in the land of freedom. The Sabbath, therefore, besides being a memorial
of creation, was to be to them a memorial of their deliverance from bondage, and of the great power of God
as manifested in this deliverance. And as Egypt stands as a symbol of the condition of everyone in the
world under the slavery of sin, so the Sabbath is to he kept by every saved soul as a memorial of the
deliverance from this slavery by the mighty power of God through Christ.

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Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle