What change is made in Satan's condition at the close of the one thousand years?


"After that he must be loosed a little season." Verse 3.
NOTE - At the close of the one thousand years, Christ, accompanied by the saints, comes to the
earth again, to execute judgment upon the wicked, and to prepare the earth, by a re-creation, for the eternal
abode of the righteous. At this time, in answer to the summons of Christ, the wicked dead of all ages awake
to life. This is the second resurrection, the resurrection unto damnation. The wicked come forth with the
same rebellious spirit which possessed them in this life. Then Satan is loosed from his long period of
captivity and inactivity.

From what time has the devil been a murderer?
How many are concerned in the judgment?
How complete is to be the fall of modern Babylon?
BY whom was the Ten Commandment law proclaimed?
Who alone knows the exact day of Christ's coming?
What was the result of this message?
What courage and strength, therefore, should come to us even in the hour of affliction?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle