What does Christ say of that servant who, when He comes, is found giving "meat in due season"?


'Blessed is that servant, whom his Lord when He comes shall find so doing." Verse 46.
NOTES - The coming of Christ in glory has been the hope of the faithful in all ages. Luther
declared: "Ah, loving God come once; I wait continually for that day. . . . The name of the Lord be praised,
who has taught us to sigh and yearn after that day, and in truth we ought to desire the speedy approach
thereof. . . . I hope, truly, that day is not far off."
Melanchthon said: "This aged world is not far from its end."
Calvin bade Christians "not to hesitate, ardently desiring the day of Christ's coming as of all
events most auspicious"; and declared that "the whole human family of the faithful will keep in view that
day." "We must hunger, after Christ, we must seek, contemplate," he adds, "till the dawning of that great
day, when our Lord will fully manifest the glory of His kingdom."
Said Knox, the Scotch Reformer: "Has not our Lord Jesus carried up our flesh into heaven? and
shall He not return? We know that He shall return, and that with expedition."
Ridley and Latimer, who laid down their lives for the truth, looked in faith for the Lord's
coming. Ridley wrote: "The world without doubt-this I do believe, and therefore 1 say it-draws to an end."
Said Baxter: "The thoughts of the coming of the Lord are most sweet and joyful to me. It is the
work of faith and the character of His saints to love His appearing, and to look for that blessed hope

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Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle