What does Daniel say of this kingdom?


"And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given
to the people of the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions
shall serve and obey Him." Dan. 7: 27.
NOTE - Let imagination picture the home of the saved fair and beautiful as it may, yet remember
that it will be more glorious than our brightest imagination can conceive. See 1 Cor. 2: 9.
0 SWEETLY through the gloomy years
That roll their dimming veil between,
The promised goodly land appears,
Arrayed in never-fading green!
And from that peaceful, happy clime
Transporting bursts of song arise,
And, rolling through the mists of time,
Tell us of joy that never dies.
As voyagers on the stormy deep
Look for some bright and sunny bay
Where winds and waves are hushed in sleep,
And joy lights up the happy day,
So o'er the tossing sea of years
We glance the eye and stretch the hand
Where, robed in fadeless light, appears
The border of the shining land.
There angel hosts of glorious ones,
With sinless hearts and stainless hands,
Call us in glad and loving tones,
And bid us welcome to their bands.
Hark! how their harps and voices tell
The glories of that radiant strand,
And bid us breast the waves that swell
Between us and the shining land.
Ear bath not heard, eye bath not seen,
The glories of that home of song;
Though stormy billows roll between,
I go to join the angel throng.
But of the joys beyond the tide,
The welcomes on that golden strand,
The best shall be from Him who died
To bring us to the shining land.
-H. L. Hastings.
The City Elysian
Past the setting of suns stands the city Elysian,
Unrevealed save to spirits anointed and free,
Which the chosen behold as a glorified vision
In splendor unveiled by the crystalline sea
The clear azure sea, the wide, flashing sea,
The wonderful, odorous, music-toned seaThat flows round the shores of the country of God,
Which only the feet of His freemen have trod.
Its walls stand superb in the sunshine eternal;
Round its turrets in ether the cloud-billows curl;
Not a fair stone is stained by a shadow diurnal;
And each massive gate is a portal of pearl
One lustrous great pearl, a bewildering pearl,
A glorious, fathomless, mystical pearlThat haunts me and taunts me with far-off delight
In visions of day-tide and dreams of the night.
I dream of it often when sickness and sorrow
Pass over my spirit and scourge as a rod,
And fill me with longings for some glad tomorrow,
Some glimpse of that city whose maker is God
Whose founder is God, whose builder is God,
Where the blest reign for ever and ever with God.
And then how it seems to grow nearer, so near
That the strains of its music break low on my ear!
Shall we see it? Ah, yes: for us it was built,
For us its foundations were measured of old,
For us were its turrets of ivory gilded,
Its battlements burnished with silver and gold
With virginal gold, with yellow, bright gold,
And metals more precious than silver or goldFor us it is waiting who wearily roam
As aliens afar from our country and home.
How often, God help us! far from it we wander,
Our bruised feet marking the way with their blood,
Of the joys of this life growing fonder and fonder,
As if over yonder no proud city stood
No bright city stood, no light city stood,
No royalest, comeliest, white city stoodWhile we who are heirs by a kinship divine,
Are content with the husks and the huts of the swine.
How Often, God help us! forgetful we linger,
Enchanted by trifles that smile but a day,
While the gem-crested turrets that rise over yonder
Invite us to mansions that cannot decay,
To treasures and pleasures that cannot decay,
To visions and splendors that never decayAnd yet, 'tis for us, though we walk on the sod,
That city, whose builder and maker is God.

In what way is this comparison further explained?
What is felt in heaven when a sinner repents?
What does the prophet Jeremiah declare Christ to be?
To whom was Belshazzar's kingdom given?
When did this long period expire?
What does it mean when used with reference to law?
For what will the heathen he assembled in Palestine?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle