What is Neander's conclusion regarding this theory?


"It was by Augustine, then, that a theory was proposed and founded, which, tempered though it was, in its
practical application, by his own pious, philanthropic spirit, nevertheless contained the germ of that whole
system of spiritual despotism, of intolerance and persecution, which ended in the tribunals of the
Inquisition!' "He did not give precedence to the question, What is right? over the question, What is
expedient? But a theory which overlooks these distinctions leaves room for any despotism which would
make holy ends a pretext for the use of unholy means."-Id., pages 217, 249, 250.
NOTE - It was thus that the union of church and state was formed, out of which was developed
"the beast," or Papacy, of the Apocalypse, which made "war with the saints" and overcame them. A like
course cannot fail to produce like results today. Dr. Philip Schaff, in his work on "Church and State," page
ii, well says: "Secular power has proved a satanic gift to the church, and ecclesiastical power has proved an
engine of tyranny in the hands of the state."

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Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle