What is Spiritualism defined to be?


"A belief that departed spirits hold intercourse with mortals by means of physical phenomena, as by
rapping, or during abnormal mental states, as in trances, or the like, commonly manifested through a
medium; spiritism."-Webster.
Spiritism: "The theory that mediumistic phenomena are caused by spirits of the dead."-Webster.
NOTE-"The very central truth of Spiritualism is the power and possibility of spirit return, under certain
conditions, to communicate with those in the material form."-N. F. RavIin, Spiritualistic lecturer, of

In what is the true poetry of life to be found?
What does Christ declare Himself to be?
How did Jesus answer them?
What did Christ say was to be the next great event following these signs?
When these things should begin to come to pass, what did Christ tell His people to do?
Through whom will come this redemption from the grave?
What delights and pleasures await the child of God?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle