What is the character of this new power?


"He had two horns like a lamb." Rev. 13: 11.
NOTE - The Pilgrim Fathers were the vanguard of a great multitude of Protestants, who, when
persecuted and outlawed in the lands of their birth, sought refuge in the New World, where they developed
rapidly under the protection of a government founded on the great Christian principles of civil and
religious freedom. The two horns may well symbolize these two fundamental principles.

What did those do who were baptized of John?
What commandment guards the honor of the mother?
17. What similar language is used by the Apostle Paul in describing the \"mystery of iniquity,\" or \"man of sin\"?
What prophetic view of the judgment was given Daniel?
In what words had the prophet Daniel foretold this?
When this sign appeared, what were the disciples to do?
What was shown the Apostle John in vision?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle