What is the object of the International Reform Bureau?


"The Reform Bureau is the first 'Christian lobby' established at our national capital to speak to government
in behalf of all denominations. "-"History of the International Reform Bureau," by its founder and
superintendent, Rev. W. F. Crafts, page 2.
NOTE - The securing of compulsory Sunday legislation is one of the chief objects of this and
other like organizations. See pages 61 and 65 of the above-named work.

How much was included in the gift of Christ for the salvation of man?
Whose presence does the Holy Spirit bring to the believers?
With what words did Daniel begin the interpretation of the dream?
What was denoted by the ten horns?
When was the little horn to arise?
What, according to the prophecy of Daniel, was to characterize the time of the end?
What is promised to the willing and obedient?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle