What name is given to the third state of the church?


"To the angel of the church in Pergamos write." Verse 12.
NOTE - The meaning of Pergamos is height, or elevation, and fitly represents that period of the
Christian church, beginning with the reign of the Emperor Constantine in AD. 313, when the power which
had put the Christians to death espoused the cause of the church, and by rewards, edicts, and promised
promotions to office in the government, sought to induce the people to become Christians, thus bringing a
flood of worldliness and corruption into the church. Many of the heathen rites and ceremonies previously
introduced into the Christian religion, including the heathen festival, Sunday (sun's day), were then
established by law, the result being that the first day of the week took the place of the Sabbath of the Bible.

What are the Scriptures able to do for one who believes them?
How was the opening of the judgment to be made known to the world?
14. What does the \"psalm for the Sabbath day\" suggest as proper acts and themes for thought and meditation on the Sabbath?
Under what striking symbol was all this foretold?
How does the Apostle Peter close his second epistle?
4. What, according to the prophecy of Daniel, was to befall the people of God down through the ages?
To what is the life of the redeemed compared?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle