What was one principal object in calling this council?


"The question relating to the observance of Easter, which was agitated in the time of Anicetus and
Polycarp, and afterward in that of Victor, was still undecided. It was one of the principal reasons for
convoking the Council of Nice, being the most important subject to be considered after the Arian
"It appears that the churches of Syria and Mesopotamia continued to follow the, custom of the
Jews, and celebrated Easter on the fourteenth day of the moon, whether falling on Sunday or not. All the
other churches observed that solemnity on Sunday only, namely; those of Rome, Italy, Africa, Lydia,
Egypt, Spain, Gaul, and Britain; and all Greece, Asia, and Pontus." - Boyle's 'Historical View of the
Council of Nice," page 23, edition 1836.

Of what sanctuary, or tabernacle is Christ the minister?
7. What questions asked by its worshippers indicate the great station to which this beast-power was to attain?
In view of this fact, what does Christ tell us to do?
What is the last enemy to be destroyed?
In ministering to the needy, whom are we really serving?
What is our duty toward the outcast and wandering?
What gives us the victory in our conflict with the world?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle