What was the character and the work of many of the bishops at that time?


"Worldly-minded bishops, instead of caring for the salvation of their flocks, were often but too much
inclined to travel about, and entangle themselves in worldly concerns." - Neander's "History of the
Christian Religion and Church" (Torrey's translation), Vol. II, page 16.

What statement testifies to Abraham's faith in God ?
With what words do the Scriptures conclude the record of Christ's early life?
What effect did this dream have upon Daniel?
What did the apostles say to the idolaters at Lystra?
What further imperial legislation in behalf of Sunday observance was issued in 386?
What will constitute the second plague?
What did He say to the woman of Samaria as to the source of salvation?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle