When did this long period expire?


In AD. 1844. See reading on page 35.
NOTE - Our Lord based His preaching of the gospel upon the fulfillment of the first part of the
2300 days, or years (Mark 1: 14, 15), a prophecy which determined the time of the first advent. The whole
period extends to the time of the judgment, just preceding the second advent, and at its expiration a special
gospel message is sent to all the world proclaiming the judgment hour at hand, and calling upon all to
worship the Creator. The facts of history answer to this interpretation of the prophecy: for at this very time
(1844) just such a message was being proclaimed in various parts of the world. This was the beginning of
the great second advent message which is now being proclaimed throughout the world.

Upon how many of the human race did death pass as the result of Adam's transgression?
When accused by His enemies before Pilate, how did Christ treat these accusations?
Through what does grace reign unto eternal life?
What did the Ephesians do upon hearing the gospel?
By what title does the Psalmist address God?
What precious promise has God made to His children?
What peaceful condition will prevail in the earth made new?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle