Who does Christ say need a physician?


"They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick." Matt. 9: 12.
NOTE-Speaking of how to deal with those "who are not stricken of their sins," and "have no deep
conviction of guilt," D. L. Moody, in his "Sermons, Addresses, and Prayers," says: "Just bring the law of
God to bear on these, and show them themselves in their true light. . . . Don't try to heal the wound before
the hurt is felt. Don't attempt to give the consolation of the gospel until your converts see that they have
sinned-see it and feel it."

How enduring is Gods love for us?
What prophecy foretold of the disposal of Christ's garments at the crucifixion?
What did the wise men of the East do when they had found Jesus?
What is the one great feature by which the true God is distinguished from all false gods?
19. What testimony does Eusebius (AD. 270-338), a noted bishop of the church, a flatterer of Constantine, and the reputed father of ecclesiastical history, bear upon this subject?
For what purpose was the Revelation given?
14. What scripture for ever precludes the idea that the dead come back to earth to communicate with the living?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle