Who is responsible for the present state Sunday laws of the United States?


"During nearly all our American history the churches have influenced the states to make and improve
Sabbath laws."-Rev. W. F. Crafts, in Christian Statesman, July 3, 1890.
NOTE - "These Sunday laws are a survival of the complete union of church and state which
existed at the founding of the colony." - Boston Post, April 14, 1907.
"Such laws [as the Maryland Sunday law of 17231 were the outgrowth of the system of religious
intolerance that prevailed in many of the colonies." - Decision of Court of Appeals of the District of
Columbia, January 21, 1908.
The first Sunday law in America, that of Virginia, in 1610, required church attendance, and
prescribed the death penalty for the third offence. See "American State Papers," edition 1911, page 33.

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Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle