Why are they demanded now?


"Give us good Sunday laws, well enforced by men in local authority, and our churches will be full of
worshippers, and our young men and women will be attracted to the divine service. A mighty combination
of the churches of the United States could win from Congress, the state legislatures, and municipal
councils, all legislation essential to this splendid consummation. "-Rev. S. V. Leech, D.D., in Homiletic
Review, November, 1892.

Who are called to repentance?
How should all Christian parents bring up their children?
What relation does the earthly sanctuary sustain to the heavenly?
Who will sing the song of Moses and the Lamb on the sea of glass?
Wherein does the new covenant differ from and excel the old?
What testimony did Christ bear concerning His relation to the law and the prophets?
By what means were the three Hebrews protected while in the fiery furnace?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle