Why are they demanded now?


"Give us good Sunday laws, well enforced by men in local authority, and our churches will be full of
worshippers, and our young men and women will be attracted to the divine service. A mighty combination
of the churches of the United States could win from Congress, the state legislatures, and municipal
councils, all legislation essential to this splendid consummation. "-Rev. S. V. Leech, D.D., in Homiletic
Review, November, 1892.

For what are His parables noted?
From what is He able to keep us?
How diligently should parents teach children God's Word?
What is to be one of the prominent sins of the last days?
In order to grow by the Word of God, what must one do?
What does Christ give His followers?
When man lost his dominion, to whom did he yield it?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle