Why were the ancient Sunday laws demanded?


"That the day might be devoted with less interruption to the purposes of devotion!' "That the devotion of
the faithful might be free from all disturbance."-Neander's "Church History," Vol. II, pages 297, 301.
NOTE-In short, it was to secure the enforced observance of the day, and through this means
church attendance, and control over the people in religious things.

For how long a time should one honor his parents?
After she became queen of Persia, how did Esther show her integrity to God?
9. What testimony did the Apostle Peter bear concerning his experience on the mount of transfiguration?
Besides the court, how many parts had this sanctuary?
What is the whole world called upon to do?
Through whom do we have sanctification?
According to Isaiah, what was Christ to do with the law?

Questions & Answers are from the book Bible Readings for the Home Circle