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Pr 9:13 The woman Folly is loud; she is undisciplined and without knowledge. (NIV)

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(17.3. Software Construction Security. Software Engineering Body of Knowledge Version 3.0. Page 13-25.)

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What is the evidence of genuine, living faith?
What is the nature of the moral law?
How does Paul describe this dedication of the covenant?
What did the dragon do when cast to the earth?
What means will be employed to lead the people back into this false worship?
How did Christ speak of the gathering of the Gentiles?
What encouragement is given to heed this message?
AUP Chaplaincy Services along with the university's theme We Care As One would like you to know that we want to pray for you, listen to you and help you in your journey this semester. If you wish to be prayed for, have counseling or have an online Bible study, either by one of the University Chaplains, volunteer student chaplains, and faculty chaplains, please text this number +639636698899 / +639178707866. You can also email at chaplaincy@aup.edu.ph or send a message at AUP Chaplaincy Services : "We Care As One" FB Page. As you send your message type in your NAME, COURSE & YEAR LEVEL, then your message. Thank you so much. May the blessings of love, joy, and peace be upon you always.

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