Dear Client:

You will be able to check the status of your ticket! There are two ways:

As a Guest User

Because we are using the system for the first time, there are some tweaks that you may need to do.

1. Click CHECK TICKET STATUS and enter your e-mail address and ticket number. Click Email Access Link.

2. Sometimes your e-mail may treat our e-mail as SPAM. Please check your SPAM folder and have us flagged as NOT SPAM.

3. On our e-mail response, check the link that looks like the e-mail below:


4. If when you click the link, it does not show the status of your ticket, COPY and PASTE the link onto your browser. DO NOT PRESS Enter yet.

5. Change the word: view.php to tickets.php, just like what is shown below:

6. Press enter and review your ticket status!

As a Registered user:

1. Click CHECK TICKET STATUS, then click Register for an Account.

2. Register your information, including your password.

IMPORTANT: We will not be able to keep your password for you, so please write it down and keep it in a safe place.

3. Once registered, you should be able to sign in and check the status of your ticket anytime.